1 . Executive Development Program for Managers
2.Worker's Self-development Program
3. Live Life happily (Exclusively for working women)
4. Empowering women (Exclusively for working women)
5. Planing for retirement (For working Employees)
6. Life after retirement (for retiring Employees)
7. Positive work culture

1. Sales training for frontline salesmen (Reliance Trends)
2. Sales Training for Managers (Videocon Internationals)
3. Floor Management for retail industry, Supermarkets, Jewelers, Banking, Insurance, etc...
4. Strategy Management
5. Brand Management and Channel Management

1. Creativity and problem solving
2. Teamwork and leadership
3. Office communication for better productivity
4. Office management for staff
5. Stress management & Yoga
6. Working with passion (Motivational workshop)
7. Personality Development for workers

1. Employability skills (CRT)
2. Soft Skills Training
3. WinZone, Faculty development programs